About Us

The Green Leaf Academy was founded with the intention to help students from an early age develop into well-rounded individuals and academic leaders.  The Academy is overseen by University Professors in Elementary Education who understand best practices and how to effectively enhance children's education.

We use the best practices in education to ensure children are getting the best possible chance to learn efficiently and effectively. With the guidance of prominent experts in the field, we understand curriculum development and emphasize meaningful experiences that empower learning. We use Lev Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory and Zone of Proximal Development coupled with our principles of joy and rigor to learning.

We implement a low average 12:1 student teacher ratio and we use highly qualified credentialed teachers who are passionate about teaching.   The academy takes a hands on approach to learning and developing our children into future leaders.


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We focus on three types of students:

Our approach to teaching and bringing students to the next level: