Summer 2021: JUNE 14 - JULY 16

We strive to help our children become leaders and well-rounded individuals.  We encourage excellence in the classroom and seek to make learning fun through an innovative and hands-on approach to teaching.  Our program is developed and directed by Ph.D. professors in Elementary Education as well as by highly qualified credentialed teachers. Students from ALL schools welcome!

Making learning fun
Hands on experiences
Building teamwork
Learning technology
Building friendships
Engaging conversations
Robotics Fair

About Us

Our mission is to help the brilliance within students shine through, and prepare them to excel inside and outside of the classroom

Summer Program

We use the best practices in education to ensure children are getting the best possible chance to learn efficiently and effectively

Our Staff

Our program is run by a Professor (Ph.D.) in the field of Elementary Education with a proven track record of success and who is highly respected in the field of Elementary Education

Contact Us

Registration for the summer enrichment program is open until June 1st on a first come first serve basis

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